First steps to improve your SEO

Nov - 17 2015 | By

Most people who have an Internet project are concerned about your SEO. Many of them want to improve, other known rumors about what they are good practices and some even venture to explain how it should be structured a site for proper positioning based on comments heard here and there.

The truth is that SEO is a very complex “science” and the reality with which we usually find is that a very low percentage of people with Internet presence know what exactly is SEO, why it’s important or not and how to design a correct strategy. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, if we translate the Castilian is “optimizing search engines.” The term “search engine positioning” is also used to name the SEO.

A search engine or search engine is a computer program which aims to give users the most relevant results for a specific search for information. To do this, search engines store, organize and regularly update an index of files in web servers worldwide. The engine best known search is Google and (why deny it?) The only relevant when designing our SEO for Spain strategy or European countries, as it has a share of almost total market. We could say that doing SEO is to bring practical exercises aimed to Google have our website in high regard – you know it is useful for searchers – and, therefore, our website is visible in the results of their searches.

Let’s say you have a page on tourism in Vancouver. A user who wants to go to Vancouver holiday will search Google: “What can visit in Vancouver?”. My page – it contains the answer to this question has a SEO beware – should appear among the first results. What we do with the different techniques of SEO is to help Google better understand our website, both in terms of structure and content. Search engines are smart, but the more simplified and information is well structured, less effort will be done in understanding, which is in our benefit.

You can type in your website a fantastic article on solar energy, using metaphors, analogies and intelligent synonyms: your readers know that you are talking about, but if you do not put the words “solar energy” at certain points, the search engines will not detect the subject from the article. The goal is for Google correctly understand our website. This will cause other people to easily find us through the language that these people use to search.

What criteria choose Google in what place my page will appear ?, What can I do to make my site is well positioned? The first and most effective advice we can give is that you think relevant and quality of regular content. Without relevant content will be almost impossible to position your site in good stead the Google searches.

From there, work positioning is very broad. It is a process that involves both program code and the design and content of our website. Large companies often have a specific department dealing with this issue. Being an expert means knowing good and bad practices and, above all, keep up with the frequent changes in the algorithms of Google (how Google decides to organize your results by ranking) and they are usually announced on its official blog. To find out more Seo content click here