Get all the Nutrients that you Need from Youngevity Products

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youngevity Products MajesticHave you ever allotted time for pondering why it is important for us to follow proper nutrition? Maybe you think that this is absurd, and that there is no reason for you to think about it. After all, what is important is that you feed yourself. Tell that to your mom and she will certainly let you remember why she always remind you when you were still a little child why you should eat vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods. If you are certain that you are not getting all the nutrients that your body needs, consider consuming any of or a set of Youngevity products.

Youngevity is a company that offers healthy products founded by Dr. Joel Wallach. With these products, you can be further fueled to do daily activities. Some of the popular products of Dr. Joel Wallach are below, and they can be bought at young 90 health.

youngevity products dr wallachThe Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest of Dr. Wallach

This is a supplement that can provide the perks of herbs and minerals. It is very easy to consume, especially that it has mango flavor. This product contains 100% plant derived minerals. Some of the herbs that this Dr. Wallach product contains are:

ü  Celery Seed

There are a lot of modern day herbalists who use this herb because of its soothing effects. It is rich in Vitamins B complex, C, and A.


ü  Dandelion Root

According to records, this herb can help in supporting the health of blood pressure, blood sugar, and this can as well serve as stimulator of nutrients, so as a diuretic. Other than the mentioned perks, Dandelion Root can also give Vitamins K, C, A, and B2.


ü  Ginko Biloba

Records say that the Ginko Tree is the “oldest living specie of tree.” The Chinese Monks are using this tree as a source of food so as medicine for numerous years already. The leaves of the Ginko tree have 2 kinds of chemicals, and these are the terpenoids and flavonoids, which are believed to be very potent antioxidants.


ü  Echinacea

It has been said that this herb had been used by Native American Medicine men and ancient shamans. Based on studies made on this herb, it is excellent in bolstering the immune function.


ü  Ginseng

It is among the most commonly used herbs today, but the Chinese people have been utilizing it for more than 5000 years already. Its name has been acquired from 2 words which means Man Plant, because of its likeness of the structure of humans. According to studies, Ginseng can enhance the potency as well as the energy. As a matter of fact, it is being used as a good aphrodisiac.

Ultimate Selenium

Selenium is among the most documented so as most studied forms of trace elements. In the past, the relevance of selenium was unknown. However, today, it is seen as one of the most essential nutrients for the human body, and it is because of its amazing antioxidant properties.

Youngevity HGH Youth Complex

According to medical practitioners, as people age, the supply of HGH or Human Growth Hormone lessens naturally, specifically at around 35 to 40 years of age. This product has proprietary combinations of minerals, amino acids, so as sea kelp, and these ingredients can increase the HGH supply.

With these Youngevity products, keeping a sound body is not difficult.