SEO strategy for big brands

Nov - 16 2015 | By

SEO strategy for big brandsAs an entrepreneur or startup, you’re tired of hearing all kinds of advice on how to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your brand. Well, you’re not going to lie, investing in SEO is important when being in the first pages of Google and this becomes conversions and shopping. But focusing solely on SEO means taking risks in your business. We must go much further. Why? Because search engines are totally out of control. If your business depends only on search engine rankings, any change in your position in Google could spell disaster.

With this in mind, it is advisable to spend time and money on SEO Manager for big brands, but just as important is other ways to drive traffic (and customers) to your website. We have built in this guide and in this post to reveal key marketing strategy to provide a solid long-term basis in your online business. After reading it you will find that you need much more than SEO to be the first to Google.

Irregularity of SEO. Search engines can (and indeed do) change their ranking algorithms and whenever they want, which can benefit a high place in Google or you down suddenly. Do you really want the profitability of your business is not adversely affected by something that is totally out of your control? As an example to see the irregularity of Google in this regard, you can read this post titled “The new SEO”, in which it is revealed that one brand (Yoast, developer of the popular WordPress SEO plugin) is on the ranking of the five first results on Google for the keyword “WordPress SEO”.

This is where the author of the post “New SEO” makes his first thought: If Google favors both to certain brands, what chance we have to position ourselves? It has long been known that Google loves the big brands, but certainly the fact that the same brand share the top 5 Google results might be too … In this sense, the search does not help in providing various sources information (which is what usually strives to get Google). Although this is only an example, it is also true that a good SEO strategy can reach the top of the leaderboard, but it never guarantees the long-term placement.

Accidental SEO. There are other ways to promote a website that can help SEO, but have nothing to do in between. The results may not be immediate but will be more stable in the long term. The strategy is defined as “accidental SEO”. The theory is simple: if you write great content and you establish authentic relationships with other people on the website, not only going to get direct referrals (through links from other sites and word of mouth), but over time your page will be located in Google due to the perceived authority for the search.

Follow three basic strategies: social cues (ie, build solid Social Media profiles), publications and dissemination guest.

There must be more to your interaction with users a desperate need to attract traffic to your site. Although it may seem simple the key is execution: you must take your hat “marketing” and get the “human being.” Focus first to give your head and remove any thought of receiving. And traffic will come with time. Here’s how to make an online marketing plan for your starutp.

It is not using social media as something you have to do but enjoy the process and making sure that you are giving something that brings benefit and value to your audience.

Only publish a guest post on blogs that interest you, produce the best content for them so it’s an honor to publish it on its website.

Just try to build relationships with bloggers with whom you think you really bring along well in real life. This is called strategy “accidental SEO” for the culmination of your efforts natural dissemination (through the points mentioned above) will result in a good search engine rankings in the future. While you’re trying to achieve valuable relationships with others, the benefits of positioning also be achieved.