Why is online reputation important?

Nov - 16 2015 | By

When you are a beginner on the Internet, probably the first thing you get as advice is that “you have to do SEO”. SEO is not the solution to all your problems but it is important to understand some basic things about SEO. There are several points to consider in the era of SEO 2.0.

Modern SEO encompasses all activities and areas. If you want to position your website and want to carry out a solid strategy that focuses on long-term results also you have to take into account social networks. Watch your reputation online if you do not want to be penalized

Google today no longer considered only if they talk about you but if they do positively. Negative comments will penalize your rankings. You can not avoid being criticized once you start to be relevant. Take the opportunity to meet and gain sympathy because you put the face. Do not useless decorate your reputation if you try to locate other sites ahead of negative comments. It seems that Google is testing to include comments in forums or social networks by default. Do not try to clean your face but take on the critical response to all comments. Branding is key to SEO. Users who use Google and look for services or products the look in combination with the name of companies.  Branding can be key to SEO. This does not mean that now everyone has to start doing commercials on television for people to connect their brand with a specific product. Each of us has to find its niche in combination with a suitable channel where do branding. Display advertising can be a way but so can be the activities in social networks to get an indirect marketing. SEO marketing in the Web 2.0

A website or blog that takes little time has indexed more difficult to position well in the first 10 positions of search engines that most ancient sites. The age of your website, inbound links or how long they have indexed the sites are important criteria confidence because it shows consistency without trying to do SEO traps (or at least were not serious).

Seniority and strength advantage of third party sites to position your brand or company. You do not always have to go directly in the results. One way is to get a guerrilla SEO positioning through blogs or webs. Creating added value content to get inbound links. Personally I think link exchange is dead. A link that emerges through an exchange is unreliable because tomorrow may disappear without notice. Even if you have monitoring tools you have to invest time to write to the Webmaster to put back that link. Austin SEO consultantsprefers to get links naturally. My intention is to create content that add value and getting link because other people think that the linked post is also interesting for its visitors. This link does not have to control it because it comes without effort and it is more likely that you’ll keep for life.